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4 New Products that We Really Like

Colby Harder - Thursday, June 04, 2015

Our customers often ask us what is new.  What is the "latest and greatest", they'll often say. 

We believe strongly in the importance of proven, reliable solutions that are well grounded in your own productivity.  Here's a few products that we really like and a brief description of how they might aid you in building a more productive workspace.


The Crestron TT-100 Connection Input Box

The TT-100 is a simple, elegant, tabletop connection input plate that is perfectly suited for small and medium meeting spaces, like huddle rooms.  What's really cool about this product is that is look great, and it's really simple to use.  You simply pull out the connector required and connect it to you computer and push the elegantly illuminated blue button.  Working alongside a simple control processor, the system will turn on your display (flat screen, projector, etc.) and will send the right connection to that display.  You can even connect multiple input plates to the system and switch back and forth between multiple computers.  What's even better is that this input connection plate is notably less expensive than many comparable input plates and it's unique round form factor makes it very quick and easy to install into most meeting room tables. 
The Epson Brightlink Pro

Interactive Display for Easy Sharing & Collaboration

The Epson Brightlink Pro has revolutionized collaborative meetings for several very good reasons.  It is highly affordable, very easy to use, offers a large screen size up to 100"+, has an integrated control panel, and includes the ability to share your collaborative meetings to other displays or mobile devices like an iPad.    On top of all that, it also projects onto a good old traditional whiteboard, so you don't need to eliminate the traditional board for those on  your team who prefer to work "old school".
Wireless Connectivity - Crestron Airmedia and Barco Clickshare
 For years, effective wireless connectivity to high resolution displays has been elusive.  Today there are a number of options available to you.  One if the Crestron Airmedia.  This very simple solution can be added to any display device and allows anyone with a laptop computer and a web browser to connect to the display wirelessly simply by inputing an IP address and downloading a small piece of software.  There is no need to connect any hardware to your computer.  It also works with Iphones and Ipads!
A second very popular option for wireless connectivity is the Barco Clickshare.   This includes a base station and a USB dongle to be installed in your PC USB Port.  This unit is very slick and allows you to share multiple inputs to the display concurrently or switch between different inputs with the simple press of the button on your dongle.  One of the other benefits is that it doesn't require you to download any software to your PC which is handy an any IT environment where PC's are highly locked down.


The Bose L1 Compact Audio System

Bose is known throughout the world as a highly innovative sound company that produces professional grade audio systems of the highest quality.  One of their highly innovative solutions is the L1 line.  This system comes in several packages and provides you with an easy-to-carry (with one person) and easy to setup (just minutes) portable sound system that can support presentations for up to 300 people!  You can also add their mixer option to provide you with an even higher level of sound mixing and control.  This L1 system is perfect for portable corporate presentations, schools, live music in bars and restaurants and many other unique applications. 

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