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BLOG - Ebola Crisis Highlights the Value of an Operations Centre

Colby Harder - Thursday, October 09, 2014

On the evening news last night I saw an interesting story on the US Centres for Disease Control and how their Operations Centre in Atlanta is playing a critical role is empowering them to respond to the risk of pandemic related to the Ebola outbreak in Africa and the possibility of transfer into North America. 

As I watched the story, I thought of many of our customers and how they utilize very similar "Operations Centre" principles in their business.  At it's core, the Operations Centre is a physical space that enables the rapid and coordinated sharing of critical and diverse information in order to allow a team of specialists to coordinate and execute a response to a situation.  The CDC has mobilized their operations centre to track incoming information from various sources and cross-reference that information with actions that may be required.  Similarly, we worked with the Department of National Defense on an Emergency Operations Centre designed to coordinate resources in the Pacific Northwest in the case of an environmental, chemical, biological, or nuclear situation.  The operations centre is a tool to take multiple information inputs and output them (often in a visual display) in a manner that allows for easier analysis and processing of often complex information. 

What you may not think of when you see an story on an Operations Centre is the numerous businesses who utilize similar concepts to coordinate operations within their business, allowing them to respond quickly to fast changing business situations. The modern business world and the rise of business intelligence practices has created an opportunity for businesses to better coordinate that information to allow for fast action.  Even in our small business, we display critical information on our performance indicators to allow our team to know what and when to react to certain situations, either as part of their routine operations or as part of an emergency preparedness strategy.  In our office, our main "war room" is integrated into our traditional boardroom.  During non-meeting times, critical data is displayed for all to see.  During our regular team "huddles" the information is highlighted and discussed and critical actions are often assigned within the team.

Does your business have a designated Operations Centre?   To learn more about the CDC operations centre, visit the link below.