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BLOG - How Long Will my Audio Video Systems Last?

Colby Harder - Wednesday, October 29, 2014

When working with our enterprise customers who are purchasing audio video equipment for their businesses, I am often asked by clients "how long will this equipment last".   There are really two answers to this question. 

The first, is a practical answer.  This answer describes how long the equipment will physically last until it finally dies.  For many systems with multiple components, there is only the certainty that no two items will fail at exactly the same time.  But towards the end of the system's life, it will be plagued with unreliability and inconsistent performance.  The cost to your organization will be felt in lost productivity.

The more practical business question should relate to usable business life.  To this question, I am very confident in suggesting 4-5 years.  Even our largest enterprise customers, plan on a maximum lifecycle of 5 MAX!  We all forget how long quickly technology changes and we forget just how long 5 years actually is.  What cell phone were you carrying 5 years ago?  At 5 year cycle means that you should be budgeting 20% of the original implementation cost each year for capital replacement.  If you work in an enterprise environment with multiple deployments, you should plan on replacing about 20% of your systems each year. 

In addition to capital replacement, we also recommend 5% per year in a maintenance and repairs allowance.  $100K system deployment, should have an allocation of $5000 per year in ongoing support and maintenance.

The information above refers specifically to audio video systems deployed in a corporate meeting space environment.