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Innovative Products - Think OutSide The Speaker

Colby Harder - Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Retailers have long placed heavy focus on building show windows that look great.  They have the power to convey emotions, engage shoppers, and increase footfall to  your store.  But have you ever considered how your shop windows sound?  HUH?  Yes, you heard me right - how do your windows sound?

A unique product from Solid Drive promises "Invisible Sound Solutions".    Their unique product uses a resonance speaker, attached to glass or another solid surface.  The device then turns the entire sheet of glass into a speaker.  An amazing way to engage shoppers.  The small emitter is just inches in diameter and is mounted using a special adhesive to the glass or solid surface (can be place in drywall too to turn a wall into a speaker).   Once connected to your sound system in the same way a speaker would be, your shop window comes to life with soundscapes or music. 

This unique solution isn't just for retail either.  The ability to attach to any solid surface makes it a great sound tool for corporate offices (lots of glass walls), restaurants, or residential.