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BLOG - On Your Feet! The Power of Standing Meetings

Colby Harder - Monday, December 08, 2014
I recently read this article in Entrepreneur magazine that spoke to the power of standing meetings. Our team adopted this principle about 6 months ago when we moved into our new office space. By adopting a standing-only policy for our daily huddles, we've created meetings with more urgency, more energy, and more effectiveness. We've also become experts at adapting our audio visual implementations to accommodate the standing format, which has resulted in far better results.

Our standing meetings have been successful for a number of reasons:

1) We Made it Policy - After speaking with several accomplished interior designers and space planners I know, the idea of standing height meeting spaces really captured my attention. It was a big leap of faith to implement in our new office space, but after we explained the benefits to our team, there was good uptake. We then made it company policy that we would make our daily huddles standing room only. It's now matured to the point that the team encourages and reminds reach other that standing is our policy for the daily huddle.

2) Bar Height Meeting Table - As we planned for our new meeting space, we adopted the idea of a bar-height boardroom table. This has been the single most appealing addition to our new office. The bar height boardroom table not only provides great sight lines of the views within our office, but it also creates a much more engaged working space where someone can stand and deliver a presentation while still being eye level with those around the table. This is subtle but very effective and has really changed the feel of our meetings for the better.

3) AV at Eye Level - To accommodate the standing format, we also change our audio visual standards for the room. Most critically, our AV must now be at eye level. Everything in the boardroom was moved upwards to achieve the standing format. This raised height also creates a much superior feel when one is delivering a presentation from a standing position. The feel around the table is always collaborative, due mainly to the fact that all participants are at eye level with the person leading the meeting. It's really quite amazing.

For more information on standing height meetings, check out the link below that I found from Entrepreneur Magazine.