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Projection Part 3: Big Screen Entertainment

Colby Harder - Wednesday, November 02, 2016
In part 3 of our blog series on the changing face of projection, we'll explore the application of projection to the restaurant and retail markets.  No other market places as high demand on visual displays than restaurants and retail, who routinely run their projectors or displays on a duty cycle that could exceed 18 hours per day.  

The Cons 
Traditionally, projection has been expensive for restaurants and retail because the cost of lamps and rate of consumption was very high.  Running 18 hours per day, a projector in retail could likely require a new lamp replacement every 3-4 months.  This is time consuming, expensive, and subject to performance failures.  Recent developments in laser light projectors have made this concern obsolete.  The added cost of moving to a laser projector is quickly repaid in a maintenance free 25,000 service cycle in many cases. 

The Pros
The pros of projection has always been that it allows you to create a very large image with minimal real estate.  Today, you can create large screen projection of 250" or larger, far surpassing anything you can get in a flat panel.  In addition, you can now also "edge blend" multiple projectors to create extra wide displays.  

These are especially applicable for the display of unique content in retail and for the the display of multiple channels concurrently in a sports bar or restaurant environment.  In addition, modern projectors and screen technology can now deliver the high output brightness and contrast comparable to what you'd expect from a flat panel display. 

Multiviewers - Creating a Unique Viewing Experience
Becoming more cost effective, the combination of ultra-large screen projection and multiviewers allows a restaurant to parse their screen and display multiple channels or inputs at the same time. What used to require multiple displays or TV's can now be shown on a single large screen, unifying your crowd and allowing them a very unique viewing experience that they cannot likely duplicate at home.  

If your restaurant or sports bar is looking to create a truly unique and cost effective viewing experience, then projection is worth your consideration.