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Projection Part 4: Operations Centres

Colby Harder - Friday, November 04, 2016
Whether in a government, military, policing, or corporate operations environment, the ability to combine, share, and display large amounts of critical data is a high priority for many of our clients.  In recent years, many clients have opted to utilize a multi-display video wall to display large amounts of data.  Most often we are utilizing modern bezel-less technologies that offer very small separation between each displays. 

The Challenges With Video Wall Displays
Until recently, clients chose multi-display video walls because LCD technology was far too expensive, and projection technology presented maintenance and image quality issues.

With that said, no technology is perfect and the challenge with a multi-display video wall are numerous.  Not only are video walls (especially very large video walls) time consuming and expensive to setup, they also require our clients to incur a considerable cost to reinforce and prepare the wall to handle the considerable weight.  On top of this, a multi display video wall requires recurrent colour calibration to ensure all displays are colour aligned.  On top of all this, there is the complexity of wiring and the cost and time to deploy and setup a video wall processor. 
- Heavy Weight Adds Construction Costs
- Complexity of Installation
- Colour Calibration Challenges

Enter Laser Projection 
With the recent launch of very high brightness laser light projectors, the game has changed in the operation centre business.  With modern laser projectors from manufacturers like Epson, you can get up to 25,000 lumens of brightness (they also have lower brightness units) and the total absence of projection lamps.  This results in 20,000 + hours of maintenance free operation which is very important in a 24/7 operations environment.

Image result for edge blended operations centre

Here are some other operational benefits:
- 24/7 operation
- Better performance in warm environments
- Ability to Mount projectors in portrait mode
- Edge Blending, allowing you to "stitch" multiple side by side projections into a single massive projected surface

On Top of this performance, there are some real cost saving benefits here too:
- Lampless technology will save you thousands over the lifecycle of the projector
- No requirement to reinforce the wall to support weight of multiple displays
- Minimal maintenance requirements
- No need for ongoing colour correction

If your organization is developing an operations centre, it pays for you to consider projected technology for your next application