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BLOG - The Power of Branding in your Workspace

Colby Harder - Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In a recent article I wrote for Design Quarterly magazine, I spoke about the very fast trend towards branded spaces in restaurants and retail.  Many establishments are working to bring their brands to life with visual audio storytelling, including brand-curated music.  What I didn't discuss in this article, was the opportunity apply these same principles to your work place. 

Today's business environment sees many of us competing to attract top talent, and ALL of us competing to attract and woo great customers.  But what story does your office or workspace tell about your brand.  How have you worked to bring your brand to life when people visit you in your physical space?  Have you spent as much time polishing that experience as you have on your advertising or your websites? 

Music and media has the ability to be a strong storyteller for your business and help you bring your brand to life.  Take a moment to read my recent article from Design Quarterly Magazine and consider how the same principles might benefit your workplace.