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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT - PlayNetwork: Who Picks the Music You Hear at the Mall?

Colby Harder - Monday, August 11, 2014

I recently read this great NPR article about the power of music to build and support your brand.  Many of our clients, both corporate and retail, are seeking ways to better define themselves and their brand in an often crowded market.   I've seen first hand the power that well-curated music programming has to bring real magic to a space.  It can really change the way you feel about a place, and affect how you interact with their brand. 

One of the "ah-Hah" moments for me was when Playnetwork spoke to us about the importance of building music for the brand.   We all have music that we love, and we all think we're music experts but once your organization starts building music programming to support the brand, that is when it really starts to take shape.  This is summed up in a great quote from the article...

"You become invested in knowing that the music represents all these things that you don't see on a retail level, but rather the whole company, their culture. At that point you stop programming for the customer and program for the brand."

Read more of the article at the link below.