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Will Open Plan Workplaces work for you?

Colby Harder - Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I recently came across this online article debating the merits of open space plans for law firms. The trend towards open office workspaces has been rolling along for years with technology and creative businesses leading the way. Our own business moved to a very open workspace in the past year and we've seen some great benefits, including enhanced collaboration and communication , excellent natural light, and a more innovative feel to our workspace.

Importantly, however, have been some essential steps that have made our space highly productive and enjoyable:

1. Private Meeting Soaces- we created 2 small "huddle rooms" and 1 private meeting room. This gives lots of space for our office staff of 9 work quietly when they want

2. Flexible Work Days - our team enjoys flexible work days whereany staff members have the option to work from home several days each week. We help keep everyone connected in their absence through a thrice weekly team huddle.

3. Speech Privacy Systems - we have employed active sound masking systems that create enhanced speech privacy around critical and confidentialeeting spaces

4. Open Meeting Spaces - we have deployed audio visual and meeting furniture in open spaces to turn spaces like our lunch room, war room, and reception area into functioning meeting spaces.

5. Spread the Herd - we consciously laid out our private and quiet meeting spaces in a way that pulls people to opposite areas of our office, creating an enhanced feeling of space and Provacy.

Take a moment to read the article on how law firms in London are rapidly adopting open workspaces for better or worse.