Audio Video
Earls Restaurants

The Project Story

Earls Kitchen + Bar is an innovate casual upscale dining concept that was founded in Canada with more than 65 restaurants in Canada, Washington, Colorado, Florida, and Massachusetts. For Earls, music and HDTV programming has always been a foundation of their brand concept. CONTI Evolution was engaged nearly a decade ago and today we support their audio video projects across North America with AV system design, installation, and support services.

During Ear's recent expansion into the US market, CONTI Evolution provided all system design and documentation and acted on Earls' behalf to source and select a local installation partner. CONTI Evolution then provides final installation commissioning and deliver prior to every store opening. The result is a consistent and reliable audio video infrastructure delivered across the chain's more than 65 restaurants. We are extremely proud to play an ongoing role in the development of the Earls brand.

The Highlights

CONTI Evolution has provided audio video design, documentation, installation and project rollout management services to Earls for nearly a decade. Our work includes audio and video systems, CCTV surveillance and network infrastructure. We provide a single-source approach that speeds project execution and project quality. Our most recent work for Earls includes projects in Miami, Boston, and Grand Prairie. Earls has been a great partner for CONTI Evolution and a client we're very proud to call our own.

  • AV Design & Documentation
  • Rollout Project Management
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • 24/7 Support Ticket Management through

Process - Driven Success

To achieve operational success on a complex ongoing project like the Earls expansion, our proven process has been core to our success and delivers measurable value to the Earls organization.

Connected to the Brand - we started by thoroughly understanding their brand. We need to know where its been and where it's going, and clearly identify how they want their brand to be presented in the in-store experience.

Concept Development - once we've identified the brand objectives, we then begin with concept development. Earls audio video concept has matured over the years, but the core of the approach is grounded in a strong music profile, and a limited number of HD TV displays throughout each restaurant.

Established Standards - Delivering a complex audio video system once is fairly simple. Our process establishes standards that allow for the efficient and cost effective rollout of multi-unit systems across North America. We focus on simplicity, we focus on the brand, and we maintain clear focus on the standards for the system to prevent unnecessary equipment changes or unnecessary system redesigns.

Rollout Management - Our team are masters at rollout management. We aim to achieve a "point & shoot" business relationship that allows us to undertake new projects from earls and implement it with a minimal amount of unnecessary interaction between our team and the Earls team. This saves Earls