Integrated Solutions
Network Infrastructure 
This is our "sweet spot".  We come from the AV space and have a very clear vision and decades of combined experience in making systems work well, operate simply, and reliably.  Our AudioVisual practice is all-encompasing and includes a number of solutions that will drive value for your business.  Here is a short cross-section of our solutions:
- Presentation Systems for Boardrooms and Huddle Rooms
- Conferencing Solutions
- Unified Communications
Room Scheduling Systems
- Digital Signage
- Distributed Music and Video Systems

AudioVisual Technology 
Network Infrastructure is the foundation of modern techology and business tools.  The "Internet of Things" is here and almost all components in a system rely on connectivity to provide full functionality.  Network infrastructure, including cabling, switches, and WiFi will be the essential foundation for your integrated systems.  
Our team works with you to ensure that your network infrastructure is robust enough to support the integrated systems that will create value for you.  In addition to traditional network data traffic, your network infrastructure will also support Audiovisual, Security, Sound Masking, Environmental Controls, and Automation Systems. We bring a broader vision to your network infrastructure that will ensure you have the capacity to drive the technology solution you will need both now and in the future.
- Data Cabling
- Wifi Solutions
- Fibre 
- Server Rooms

Security & CCTV
We layer security solution on top of the network infrastructure to support CCTV Surveillance, Alarm, and Access control solutions.  We add value and drive cost savings an operational efficiency through integration .
- Access Control
- CCTV Surveillance
- Alarm & Monitoring
- Biometrics 
Sound Masking and Acoustics
Our audio and acoustics specialists help shape a more effective space with the integration of active Sound Masking and  passive Acoustic Treatment.  We work with you to create a more productive and enjoyable space in open work environments, confidential meeting spaces, home offices, and any place where acoustics can have a positive effect on your space.  
- Active Sound Masking for Speech Privacy
- Passive Acoustic Treatments 
Amazing Automation
The power of automation is immense.  We work to seamlessly automate Audiovisual Systems, Lighting, Shades, Environmental Controls, and Security Systems. We will then automate their functionality based upon manual or automatic triggers like occupancy sensors, time of day, or feedback from specific devices like thermostats.  The results will create a more energy efficient and enjoyable environment, and improve workplace productivity by making complex systems simple to use.
- Audiovisual
- Lighting
- Shades 
- Occupancy Sensors
- Mechanical Automation
Supplemental Services
As an experienced and proven technology integrator, we are often called on to solve big problems, and drive innovative solutions.  We can integrate and manage supplemental services ranging from electrical and mechanical services, to specialized and industry specific technologies.  This is the true meaning of Integration.
- Electrical
- Mechanical/Structural Engineering Approvals
- Complex IT Integration 
- Digital Signage Content Creation (Video, Animation, and Stills) 
- Background Music Services 

Building and Environmental Automation
  • Understand Your Needs
  • Define Your Requirements
  • Define Budget Expectations
Lighting Design
  • Devise a Functional AV Design
  • Define Site Requirements
  • Document for Execution
Audio Video Solutions
  • Define Procurment Needs
  • Identify Cost Savings
  • Execute & Plan Procurement
Installation & Programming
  • Project Management
  • Installation & Programming
  • Rollout Management
Window Coverings
  • Support Services
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Online Service Management
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