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AudioVisual Managed Services

Audiovisual Solutions @ Work


Audiovisual Managed Services for your workplace will let you focus on what you do best.

Goodbye Ownership, Hello Usership!

Audiovisual technology is an essential part of modern workplace communications. Our Audiovisual Managed Service model delivers simple, easy to use, and highly functional solution to your team while still offering the flexabillity you need to support your business. Our solutions include all hardware, software, installation and ongoing support- all for a simple monthly subscription fee.


A Customer-Driven Concept

We want to drive more value for our customers and create something unique. We spoke to customers like you and here’s what you told us.

Simple to buy, simple to use

You told us you want a solution that is easy to buy with a simple buying process, clear features/benefits, and easy to use so your teams can focus on their business at hand..


You told us you want something proven and you don’t want to be a guinea pig. You want to deal with a company that you know is proven and you know will be there for you when required.


You told us you view audiovisual as critical to your business and want solutions that are fully supported, to provide both technical and user support.


You’ve got big growth plans. You want a solution that can grow with your business. Our solutions scale with you, globally.

Value Driven Through Simplicity

We believe in simplicity. It’s one of our core principles. We’ve developed solutions that are highly functional, fully supported, easy to use and very affordable. By focusing ruthlessly on achieving simplicity, we achieve both a great user experience and deliver a very cost effective solution.

Choices That Support Your Business

We have developed a range AV Managed Service buying options that will suite your preferences.

av systems as a service

We have developed an AV Systems a Service solution, that completely changes the acquisition and operation of AV solutions for your business. Say Goodbye to Ownership and Hello to Usership! In our AV SaaS offering, we provide all product, installation, setup, and ongoing support within a single monthly subscription program, starting as as little as $149/month.

Purchase + managed support

If you prefer to still purchase the hardware as a capital expense, we can provide a Purchase + Managed Support program that gives you all the benefits of the AV Systems as a Service, with the option to use your own capital to buy the equipment.

managed support for legacy systems

We also support your legacy systems. We provide you with managed AV support for your legacy systems, under a single monthly subscription fee. This Managed Support Subscription is available to any legacy systems that meet our basic levels for support compliance.

embedded support staffing

We offer embedded support staffing as a cost effective alternative to traditional staffing you may be considering. Our embedded support staff bring excellent capabilities and are supported by our support infrastructure for fast response and problem resolution. We offer embedded support on a full time and fractional basis.

Unbeatable Warranty

Within our AV Systems as a Service model, you are covered by the best warranty available during the term of your subscription. All hardware, workmanship, and software is covered by our unlimited support warranty, providing you with the best warranty and support coverage available.

A Vested Relationship

Our AV Managed Services create a vested business relationship between your team and ours. By aligning our interests, we ensure you receive the highest levels of support that lets you focus on your business.

Risk Free

We know that AV Managed Services is a new way of thinking. We want to reduce the risk and make you comfortable from the outset. To do this, we can create a risk-free Proof of Concept program for you to ensure the managed solutions will meet or exceed your requirements.