AV Innovation that Drives Business Value.

The audiovisual systems business has been caught in a time warp, despite its reputation for being technically innovative. For decades, the basic business model has not changed. The traditional buy - install - support model has survived despite poor results for the customer.

Some time back, we decided to give some thought to how we could innovate and improve on the troublesome business model and deliver better results for our customers. We started by asking our customers what drives success for them. Their answers were clear, and simple.

  1. A solution that’s simple to buy and simple to use

  2. Easily supported so it doesn’t distract us from our core business

  3. Cost effective so we can invest more money in driving business growth

We took the feedback our clients gave us, and went away and sought to think outside the box to reshape the way we deliver value to customers. Our renewed focus, directs our focus on customer value over technical complexity. Focusing on simplicity over complexity.

We’ve taken inspiration from outside our industry, from customer feedback and from broader business innovation practices. We believe the end result is something truly innovative and something that will add value to your business.