You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers


do your AV systems as a service include all product?

Yes, we have developed solutions that include all product, installation, and ongoing support in one simple package.

How long is the contract

Depending upon the option you choose, we offer a range of contract lengths. The most common AV System as a Service contract length is 5 years, and aligns with the manufacturers warranty and best practices for hardware life cycle management. This approach ensures we can deliver highly reliable and fully supported systems at competitive subscription rates.

can you support my old equipment too?

Maybe! We conduct a life cycle assessment on all legacy systems to determine if we can support them. We are looking to confirm the age of the equipment, any imminent failures, and general condition. Once we’ve completed an assessment, we can develop a go-forward strategy for you to bring your systems up to a level that can deliver reliable performance for you within our managed support program.

is system as a service just a fancy name for a lease?

No. Our AV Systems as a Service program combines all of the benefits of traditional lease with a fully supported Managed Services program into one single subscription. This is unique and creates a simple and cost effective structure to get the best AV systems for your business needs.

what if my needs are custom?

We offer a range of proven packages for common applications. If you have a unique or specialty application, we have a custom development team that can develop a AV System as a Service solution for your specific needs. We do this all the time.

how can you support us globally ?

We can provide AV Managed Services for you across the country or around the globe. Our network of offices can provide the local support you need. If you have offices in locations we don’t currently have coverage in, we can develop a custom managed support program with local support in every location you need.